La Ciudad Perdida / by Camila Bernal

I should have made this post earlier since I was trying to go in order of the places we visited but I just recently finished this lot so here goes. After Cartagena we took a bus to Santa Marta, we planned an excursion with a group of other hikers and guides to go to the Lost City. The Lost City is the Colombian equivalent of Machu Pichu, the Tayrona were an indigenous people that inhabited the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta hundreds of years ago. Much like other civilizations, they had to face the invasion of Spanish colonizers who brought with them war and disease. They were forced to abandon many of their cities and move higher and deeper into the jungle, where to this day virgin tribes still reside. It took 5 days and 4-6 hours of hiking per day to reach the Lost City, it was hot, humid and gruelingly exhausting but definitely one of the most exciting and memorable experiences I had on the trip.